Please check your weak points
quicktempered, irritable selfish arrogant oppressive fighting drunk
ignorant the habit of late-coming forgetful weak in mathematics affable to everybody
blabbermouth cunning taciturn chatty arbitrary
always have a secret intention bad looks low height, small body distrustful timid
barbarous bad at drawing a picture flamboyantly dressed overaction restless
untrustworthy liar countrified simple-minded dirty
follower of the fashion unattractive stingy very poor have no sense in art
have no sense of direction vulgar irresolute bad handwriting tone-deaf
slow reflexes obstinate bad figure fat have no opinion
perverse have old-fashioned ideas not persevering not willing idle
not have pride not self-respecting full of self-respect jump to conclusions often misunderstand
always rely on others unreliable gloomy too fond of the other sex greedy
not punctual wake in a bad temper awkward shy bad eyesight
like other's bad luck be afraid of strangers

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